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Insurance Wrongful Denials & Insurance Bad Faith - 

Because most of us never suffer these large losses, people generally have very little experience in dealing with insurance companies on large claims. Those that do are often in for a surprise in how cold and heartless the insurance companies may be.


Insurance companies use tactics such as intentional delay. They commonly use complex policy language to deny claims. The adjuster will often substantially underestimate and make low ball offers to resolve claims.

Many people don't realize that insurance companies, like banks, earn their profits from investments, stocks, bonds, venture capital and real estate. They invest those premiums they gladly collect from you, but, when it is time to use those benefits for which you have paid, they often to not pay adequate value for the claim to your detriment.  


By engaging in delay, a company can earn significant amounts in investment profits. The insurance companies also engage in lowballing to sustain large profits. Another large earner is wrongful claim denials on confusing policy language where they deny a claim and hope you go away. 


Teddy Mims and his team at The Mims Firm, PSC have years of experience fighting big insurance.  Do not let the insurance companies get away with these ruthless tactics to profit at your expense.  Hire Mr. Mims and his team to protect your interests from big insurance.

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The Statue of Justice symbol, legal law

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, an insurance company owes the insured a duty to act in good faith.   An insurance company may breach this duty by failing to investigate a claim, failing to negotiate a settlement, and unwarranted denial of injury claims.


If the insurance company does not provide a valid explanation of a denial and claim is clearly valid, then you may have a claim for significant damages.

You do not have to put up with an insurance company that tries to give you the run-around, minimize your damages or pay less than what you should be paid or are owed. The insurance companies have teams of adjusters, lawyers, accountants and experts working in their interest, not yours.   They will use their well trained tactics to outlast, outspend, underpay, and/or try to make you go away. If you are battling an insurance company, you need a team working for you and advocating your interests.


Whether you have been treated unfairly or denied a claim for:

  • injuries or death in your family due to the negligence of another, 

  • damage to your home,

  • damage to your business,

  • damage to your motor vehicle, and

  • health denial

You may have a claim against the insurance company that involves significant damages, whether it be under Kentucky's Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act (UCSPA) found at KRS 304.12-230 or other common law or statutory claims.

Call for a free initial consultation and, if we take your case, you can feel confident that you have a team ready bro battle the insurance company and advocate against the goliath insurance companies.
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