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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect - If you suspect your loved one is a victim contact Mr. Mims!

Many of our loved ones live in long-term care facilities. The care of our loved ones is always a concern and, unfortunately, abuse and neglect are concerns. Federal nursing home regulations state that “the resident has the right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse, corporal punishment, and involuntary seclusion.” The Federal regulations define nursing home abuse and neglect as:

  • Abuse: An intentional infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, care/service deprivation or punishment that results in physical harm, pain or mental anguish.

  • Neglect: A failure, intentional or not, to provide a person with the care and services necessary to ensure freedom from harm or pain; a failure to react to a potentially dangerous situation resulting in resident harm or anxiety.

  • Types of Abuse and Neglect - 

    • Assault and battery (including kicking, slapping, pinching, pushing, shaking, beating, threats and verbal or emotional abuse);

    • Lack of care for medical problem (those pre-existing or those occurring while in care);

    • Prolonged or continual deprivation of food or water;

    • Sexual assault;

    • Unreasonable physical restraint or seclusion;

    • Use of a physical or chemical restraint or psychotropic medication for any purpose not consistent with that authorized by a physician.

  • Common Signs of Physical or Verbal Abuse and Neglect - 

    • Bed injuries/asphyxiation;

    • Unexplained or unexpected death of the resident;

    • Dehydration;

    • Emotionally upset or agitated, extremely withdrawn and non-communicative;

    • Falls;

    • Fractures or head injuries;

    • Infections;

    • Repeated instances of wandering;

    • Malnutrition;

    • Pressure ulcers (also referred to as bed sores);

    • Rapid weight loss;

    • Reluctance to speak in staff members’ presence;

    • Unexplained injuries such as wounds, cuts, bruises or welts in various stages of healing;

    • Unsanitary conditions;

    • Unusual changes in behavior (fear of being touched, teeth grinding, sucking, repeated rocking back and forth);

    • Isolated from others;

    • and significant sudden depression.

  • Other Warning Signs of Physical or Verbal Abuse and Neglect - 

    • Injuries requiring emergency treatment or hospitalization;

    • Any incident involving broken bones, especially a fractured hip;

    • Any injury or death occurring during or shortly after an episode of wandering (including outside the facility);

    • Heavy medication or sedation;

    • A resident injuring another resident;

    • Illnesses not being reported to the physician and family

    • Staff of facility acting out of ordinary;

    • Unwarranted restricting of your access by staff of facility.

    • Any of the above not being reported to family.

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